Groupe SEB Tech Challenge

What will home robots of the future look like and how will they help us managing daily chores?

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This challenge is over!
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Imagine tomorrow's home robots

What will home robots of the future look like and how will they help us managing daily chores-s?

Are you an engineering student?
A young & creative graduate?
With ideas to launch new products?
Do you want to challenge our habits at home? 

Participate in the brand new Groupe SEB Tech challenge!
Groupe SEB (world leader on small domestic electric appliances) is calling for trailblazing minds to come up with robots revolutionizing our housework.

No matter what your curriculum is, you are kindly invited to present your ideas & rethink
kitchen appliances, connected objects and bring tomorrow's house environment to the next level.

Why this challenge ?

Participating in this challenge is the occasion to show your talents. It is also for you the opportunity to stand out !

 What the Tech Challenge will bring you:

- Professional opportunities
- Rewarding meetings and advices
- Creative immersion and prototyping fundings
- Two-day final in Lyon and visiting the Groupe SEB's headquarters

Here's what finalists will win

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5


Every member of the team will be rewarded with a trip worth €800


Every member of the team will be rewarded with an electric scooter worth €400


Every member of the team will be rewarded with an e-watch worth €300


Every member of the team will be rewarded with a drone worth €150


Every member of the team will be rewarded with a backpack worth €100 

Your Mission

Imagine a new robot to manage our daily tasks matching with Groupe SEB's product spectrum or come up with an original and exciting invention!

Groupe SEB is inviting you to imagine the domestic appliances that will change our habits. The group is an expert in the fields of Cookware, Kitchen Electrics and Home & Personal Care. It is also known for its various innovations and new connected products.


What robot will be essential in the house of the future?

Gather a skilled and motivated team to imagine the future of domestic robots!

Create your robot!

Earn €1.000 to develop your project

The teams selected for the second stage of the challenge will have to materialize their robot idea.

A budget of €1,000 will then be allocated to these teams to materialize and produce a functional prototype of their project for the final marketplace.

Groupe SEB experts and mentors will assist the selected teams in materializing their ideas.

The finalists will then have to present their prototype at the Marketplace of the final! Do your best!
Your project must answer the following questions:

Does it provide a solution to an identified problem? Is this a brand new innovation? Is it a product improvement or does it bring about a brand new use? Does it replace or supplement other equipment?

What is the value proposition? What does your project bring to its user? How can you justify the interest of a group of customers? Who are these people and what would be their motivations for buying this project? What promise does your project make?

What are the costs you are considering? What would be the benefits? How do you plan to sell this product?

To keep in mind

Focus your thoughts on the consumers, their expectations and uses.
Your project must be relevant, achievable and accessible.
A functional materialization will be highly valued!

March 2019

The semifinalists will be invited for two days to Groupe SEB's headquarters near Lyon to take part in the grand finale!

The program: Presentation in marketplace, contact with Groupe SEB teams, prototyping at the SEBLab for the finalist teams & much more!

What are you waiting for?