Groupe SEB Tech Challenge

What will home robots of the future look like and how will they help us managing daily chores?

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Registration and participation

Until 2nd December 11.59pm

  • Click on Join

  • Form a team of 2 to 4 people
    Bring together different profiles of engineers, inventors and mix your skills.

  • Present your project and the team in 3 to 5 slides before 2nd December 11.59pm


A Research Jury will select 10 teams for the materialization stage.


From December 20th to March 20th, 2019

Your team has been selected for the second step?
At this level, 3 deliverables are necessary to develop your project.

A Groupe SEB Mentor will support you in this step.
1 - Video

Make a video presentation of the project (2 minutes maximum)
Enhance your project. Explain the concepts covered.

2 - Prototype

Materialize your concept in a functional way.

€1,000 will be allocated to the teams in the form of invoice refund.

3 - Detailed presentation

Give a detailed presentation (20 slides maximum) that provides with some highlights about your project.


March 28th & 29th, 2019

  • 1
  • 2
  • 2


Present your concept at the Marketplace held at Groupe SEB's premises.

Create and run a booth to present your project and introduce it with your team to the members of the jury and the group's collaborators!

The Research & Marketing jury will select 5 teams for the final!



Finalist teams

The 5 finalist teams will participate in a creative immersion session with Groupe SEB experts

It is a great opportunity to develop your ideas in concrete terms!

Now it is time to pitch the projects to the final Jury to win the challenge!

The final's Jury will gather SEB's Research, Marketing and Human Resources Departments of France.



Groupe SEB workshops and discoveries will be offered to non-qualified teams.

That's enough to continue the experience and discover what's behind the scene