Zero Plastic Hackathon

Montréal edition

Let's build a future without plastic!

Piles of plastic waste on beaches, dead animals with stomachs full of plastic or tangled up in human induced trash. Plastic pollution is a serious problem harming our environment and living creatures. All of us have to act to finally set an end to the destruction of our planet.
Greenpeace believes in a plastic-free future and is calling YOU to help building it. Develop innovative ideas that tackle the issues of our fast-paced, wasteful society, the abundance of plastic packaging and the throwaway mentality!
Let's shape a better future together, a future with zero plastic!

Choose a theme for your project!



How can political institutions be included in our fight against plastic? What projects would our governments be interested in and how to we get them on board?


How can we influence the industry to reduce the use of plastic? What alternatives can be used that don't harm our environment?


How can we encourage consumers to reduce their plastic waste and engage in environmental protection? How can we connect people around zero waste?


You are free to come up with another scope for your zero plastic project! 

Prizes to be won 

  • 1st
  • 2nd
  • 3rd

Pitch your project to the Mayor Council!
All of the three finalist will pitch their project to the Mayor Council and receive a Zero Waste gift box including an inox gourd, a bulk bag and a bamboo toothbrush.



Participate in a Greenpeace expedition! 
Each team member of the winning team will have the opportunity to participate in a Greenpeace expedition. 



Spend a day at the Greenpeace headquarters in Canada!

Each team member is invited to spend a day at the Greenpeace headquarters in Canada to explore our work behind the scenes and meet our CEO. 



Greenpeace Hoodies
Each team member will receive a Greenpeace Hoodie.