Handling the Future 2020

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The change is irreversible. It touches upon all sectors of activity, all geographic areas and affects individuals as much as businesses. Of course, this trend of constant evolution is only going to amplify as time passes.
There are various factors that perpetuate this state of change. The first one is the digital revolution. Over the past twenty years, the use of digital tools has exploded, to the point of completely invading our daily lives. This transformation is challenging our behaviors, our digital usages and our lifestyles.
Faced with this new reality, it is vital for business to evolve. Customer services and products, as well as processes and tools, are being transformed. Even relationships with third parties, jobs descriptions and the very structure of our company are affected.

The Purchasing department

Acting as a key link in the value chain, it drives cross-sectoral activities within the company. For this reason, the Purchasing department must be at the heart of this transformation. Buyers must be able to understand all the risks and to grasp all the opportunities brought about by the constant evolution of our environment.
To meet this need, the Manitou Group has decided to speed up the transformation process of the Purchasing department across its scope, including direct and indirect purchases and spare parts. There is much at stake. We need to increase competitiveness, maintain the performance level of the supply chain, gather innovations from our providers, manage risk, and contribute to a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. Related questions are just as diverse:
How can the Purchasing department adapt to these new challenges? What is the best way to gather product innovations?
What new tools do we need for the Purchasing department? How can we properly lead our partners? What skills will buyers need in the future?
How should we reorganize the Purchasing department? What approach should we take in this environment? How can we meet various requirements such as CSR and compliance?


Your project is axed on transforming the Purchasing department and must address one or more of the following points:


The structure of the Purchasing department within the Manitou Group and its interaction with the other departments


Skills that buyers must possess


New Purchasing tools that can be introduced


Interactions of the Purchasing department with the whole environment consisting of suppliers, contractors, institutions, clusters, training centers, etc.


Innovations that can be rolled out with our suppliers, whether or not there are already on the Manitou panel, regardless of size (start-ups, SMBs, multinationals, etc.)

Your project must comply with the following elements:

  • Be innovative and not yet implemented (nor in the process of being implemented) at Manitou;
  • Take into account the context and environment of Manitou;
  • Be specific and include elements of risk, advantages (including CSR benefits), budget and planning.