Industry 4.0 - Student Challenge

Imagine new solutions around tomorrow’s industry!

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30 MARCH 2018, PARIS

This challenge is open to all students that are willing to be part of this digital transformation and to promote their solution to the challenge’s partners: imagine new solutions around tomorrow’s industry. The finalists will have the opportunity to attend the Global Industrie exhibition and pitch their concept during the Award Ceremony.

Get ready for the Industry 4.0 challenge, the biggest online and offline Hackathon for 2018 organised by: The German-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Agorize, Arts & Métiers Acceleration and GL Events. The event will be inaugurated by French President, Emmanuel Macron on March, 27th. 


A unique event with European scope:


Win prizes for your idea


The winning team will be rewarded with a gift voucher of €1,000.

The second team will be rewarded with a gift voucher of €500.



The winning team will be rewarded with a fellowship passport to be able to come at STATION F five times a month during one trimester! It's a unique way to discover if you are ready to launch a company!

The second team will be able to discover the day to day life of a startup during a whole day from 8am to 8pm with a program manager of Arts et Métiers Acceleration!


All finalists will be invited to the Global Industrie exhibition! The invitation includes: exhibition ticket, journey & accommodation! Tell me more about the Event.


Trainings and jobs will be at the heart of the event. The Campus is a 1,500 m² space entirely dedicated to providing information, promoting careers in the manufacturing sector, evaluating available job opportunities, and showcasing the impact of the industry of the future. Tell me more about the campus.



How to optimise industrial processes?


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What will tomorrow's car look like?


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Take part in the Grand Final!

The finalist teams will have the opportunity to pitch their concept to the Jury during the Grand Final at the Global Industrie Exhibition in Paris. In addition, students will have the opportunity to network, attend industry-related conferences, meet with HR representatives and take part in a discovery tour of the exhibition. Take part in this unique opportunity!

Are you a startup?  Click here to participate.

A few topics for inspiration

Artificial Intelligence

Think about an industrial process and link it to artificial intelligence in order to create smart machines capable of imitating and automating intelligent human behavior.

Data Science

Data Science combines different fields of work in statistics and computation in order to interpret data. Use this science to rethink and optimise industrial processes. 


Increase process efficiency and deliver better customer experience using the endless opportunities that the Internet of Things can offer.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a field of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.


Grand Final - Save the date!

The Final will take place at the Global Industrie Exhibition in Paris. Get your invitation to pitch your project to experts and meet with HR. 

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