InVivo Match & Pitch Day Berlin

Looking for start-ups in Europe with innovative solutions to help InVivo nurture the future!

Nurture the Future

We are facing an incredible challenge of 9 billion people in 2050.
This challenge is further complicated by the advent of 
global warming, limited natural resources, changing consumer patterns and complex logistical needs.

Are you an innovative start-up catering towards these issues?

Why InVivo Quest


InVivo Quest, the agri-food chain challenge from InVivo Group, 1st French agricultural cooperative gives you the opportunity to meet French and German key decision-makers during its Match & Pitch day.


This event takes part in a roadshow of similar event in New York City (May 21st), 
Singapore (September 18th) aimed at tackling global agri-food chain problematics.


Participate in this challenge and get a chance to win a working week in Paris to pitch your start-up to industry officials, experts and key decision makers. 

Why should I participate?

This 22nd of November, InVivo Quest will organize a full day event at a secret location gathering many of German’s Agri-FoodChain Key Decision makers.


The afternoon (2:00 to 6:00 PM) will be dedicated to curated 1 to 1 meetings between the 12 selected startups (you) and InVivo’s partners, a great occasion to start up potential collaborations.


Besides these meetings, InVivo’s partners will pick the 2 best startups which will have the chance to pitch in front of the entire audience (1 min elevator pitch) during the networking event (6:00 to 9:00 PM) and compete for an invitation to InVivo Quest final and annual conference in Paris
(December 12th and 19th).


 Bonus: The 2 selected Startups will get free tickets for the AgTech FoodTech Summit in Berlin on the following day, the 23rd of November!



How do I take part?

Click the "Participate" button and submit your application by filling out your participation form and uploading your business deck (10 slides, detailed in the “application process” tab) before November 9th 2018, midnight.

We are looking for solutions in the following industries:


How can we respond to consumer attempts at food and still keep it up fresh and nutritious?


Possible applications:

- New Ingredient

- Food processing

- Food waste valorization

- Food production life cycle

- New Retail Experience online - in store


How to tackle the issue of limited space and resources with a positive impact on the environment?


Possible applications:

- Urban farming

- Advanced robotics & Soil sensors

- Automated harvesting

- Biocontrol solution

- New crop Protection

- New tools for trading commodities


How to make the physical catering of wine and spirits automated?

Possible applications:

- Consumption innovation

- Robotic-mixologist.

- Data processing & analytics solution

- Recycled packaging

- E-Commerce

Timeline of the challenge

What to expect?

Take part in the InVivo Quest Selection day and avail the following opportunities – the sky’s the limit!


The start-up with the best pitch will win a trip to Paris to present their solutions to InVivo officials, experts, and industry leaders! The start-up will also get the opportunity to take part to the Tech Agri Food Day (December 12th) and present its solution.


The 2 selected Startups will get free tickets for the AgTech FoodTech Summit in Berlin!
Also, partnership and collaboration opportunities with start-ups, experts, industry leaders and key decision makers.


Get to know Invivo employees, jury members, start-ups, experts, industry leaders and key decision makers.

November 22nd

InVivo Quest Match & Pitch Day
Don't miss this French & German meeting! Around 60 attendees (Innovation lab team of InVivo Food&Tech, VC, Corporates, Bank, French startup delegation..).

This event will facilitate to connect you with the French agri-food actors & Berlin innovation ecosystem.

Register now!