Play Your Airport 2 - Company

The biggest international challenge dedicated to the airport city

Rules of the Challenge

Play Your Airport 2 – Company

AEROPORTS DE PARIS, a société anonyme with capital of €296,881,806, having its registered offices at 1 rue de France – 93290 TREMBLAY EN FRANCE, France, and registered on the Bobigny Trade and Companies Register under SIREN no. 552 016 628, (hereinafter referred to as the “Organising company”)

grants to:

Agorize, a French Simplified Joint Stock Company (Société par Actions Simplifiée,or SAS) with a share capital of 71,146 Euros, registered within the Commercial  and Companies Register of Paris under number 530 774 439, and has its registered office at 34 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Antoine 75012 Paris,

(hereinafter referred to as the “Organiser”)

the task of organizing the challenge referred to as 'Play Your Airport 2 – Company', which will take place from October 1st, 2018 12h00 pm GMT+2 until April 2nd , 2019 via the website located at (hereinafter referred to as the 'Challenge').

Article 1            DEFINITIONS

Award”: refers to the prizes awarded to the Winners at the end of the Challenge.

'Brief ': refers to the prerequisites set out by the Organizing Company containing information regarding matters such as deadlines, details of awards, the Organizing Company's requirements, applicable legal provisions, etc.

Challenge”: refers to the challenge that is the subject of the Rules

“Competition Rules, Terms and Conditions” or “CRTC”: designate the general terms of use of the Organiser’s website, accepted by every Participant during the creation of a Agorize user account and readable on

 Rules”: refers to these rules, which apply to the Challenge.

Article 2           PURPOSE OF THE RULES

2.1.            Rules are intended to define, according to article L. 121-36 of the French Code de la Consommation, terms and rules of participation in the Challenge. Rules are destined to complete the Competition Rules, Terms and Conditions of the Organiser, which can be downloaded through the following link: In the event of inconsistency between these terms and regulations and those of the CRTC, those Rules will prevail.

2.2.            The Participant acknowledges being aware of, and agrees to the fact that the proposed Challenge calls on his/her wisdom, skill, and ingenuity during extremely difficult trials. The Challenge shall not depend, even partially, on chance and luck under any circumstances, and can therefore not be considered as, or resemble a lottery.


3.1.            Participation in this Challenge is free and without purchase obligation and can be subject to a reimbursement of participating costs in the conditions specified in Article 15.

3.2.            This Challenge is open to all companies under the conditions of:

  • Being registered on the trade register of the country in which their headquarters are based ;
  • with a valid professional insurance policy ;
  • able to supply a registration certificate issued within last three (3) months ;
  • certifying that they comply with the social and tax legislation to which they are subject.

The Organizing Company and the Organizer reserve the right to make any necessary checks regarding Participants' identity and postal and/or electronic address. All employees of the Organizing Company and the Organizer are excluded from taking part in this Challenge and from receiving any Awards in any way, directly or indirectly.

3.3.            Participants who do not provide proof of their full contact details and identity or have provided inexact or false information will be disqualified, as will individuals who refuse to allow the collection, storage and use of their personal information that is necessary for the purposes of managing the Challenge.

3.4.            Participants are responsible for the information they provide when registering for the Challenge, and any errors, anomalies and inconsistencies, whether intentional or otherwise, regarding this information may lead to their disqualification.

3.5.            By taking part in the Challenge, Participants wholly and unreservedly accept the terms of these Rules. Should a Participant fail to comply with these Rules, their participation will be automatically terminated and they will be ineligible to receive any Awards.

3.6.            There is only one entry per person in the Challenge

3.7.            To take part in the Challenge, Participants must register online and create an account on the Organizer's website in accordance with the terms set out in Article 4.


4.1.            For his/her Registration to the Challenge, the Participant must open a user account on and must indicate the following:

  •           Last name;
  •           First name;
  •           A valid email address;
  •           A valid password.

Participants must also give the following information:

  •          Date of Birth (mandatory);
  •          Civility (mandatory);
  •          Country (mandatory);
  •          Nationality (mandatory);
  •          Company’s registered name(mandatory);
  •          Company’s logo(optional);
  •          Elevator pitch(mandatory);
  •          Company’s formation date(mandatory);
  •          Development state(mandatory);
  •          City(mandatory);
  •          Phone number(optional);
  •          Industry(mandatory);
  •          Company’s website(optional);
  •          Company’s Facebook page(optional);
  •          Company’s Twitter page(optional).

A confirmation email containing an activation link is sent to the Participant’s listed email address.

Once his/her account is activated, the Participant can freely complete further information on his profile in the account settings.

4.2.            By registering, the Participant accepts to be contacted through emails sent by Organizers during his/her participation in the Challenge for the purpose of the Challenge. He/she also accepts to be contacted by phone, if he/she is part of the preselected Participants or the Winners.

4.3.            The use of a computer is needed to access the Challenge with the minimal material configuration and device hereinafter:

  •        Processor 1 Ghz or higher with 1 Go RAM or higher;
  •        Operating system: Windows XP and Vista;
  •        A browser which accepts cookies and Javascripts functions execution: Using Internet Explorer 7 or higher, or Firefox 3.5 is recommended;
  •        Version Flash Player 9.045, except any specified case which will be informed to the Participant on the homepage of the Challenge;
  •        The sound card is recommended but is not necessary.

4.4.            The Challenge is available 24 hours a day on subject to possible maintenance operations on servers or dysfunctions such as those mentioned on the Article 16.


5.1.            The registration to the Challenge shall take place from October 1st, 2018 at 12h00 pm GMT+2 to December 9th , 2018 at 11h59 pm GMT+2.

5.2.            Every date clearly defined in these rules and the challenge is in the Paris time zone (GMT+2).

5.3       The Organizer and the Organizing Company reserve the right to alter the duration of the Challenge where necessary due to operational requirements.


6.1.             As part of the Challenge, Participants' contributions will take the form of two (2) Application Files in compliance with the requirements of Article 7 and 8 during two successive pre-selection and selection stages. 

6.2.            These Application Files must address the themes and Challenge rules set out in the 'Brief' tab on the Challenge page, available at These Application Files must be written in either English or French, and no other language will be accepted.

6.3.            Application Files must exclusively and restrictively be formed of two documents:

  •          the Pre-Selection File described in Article 7 and submitted in accordance with its provisions;
  •          the Final File described in Article 8 and submitted in accordance with its provisions.

The Organizer will not accept or take into account any other document submitted by Participants.


7.1.            The Pre-Selection is scheduled October 1st, 2018 at 12h00 pm GMT+2 to December 9th , 2018 at 11h59 pm GMT+2.

7.2.            During this period and until December 9th , 2018 at 11h59 pm GMT+2, the Participants will have to send by upload on the platform, their Pre-Selection File, which is composed of:

  •           A 3-5-slide PowerPoint presentation (ideally sent in PDF format) describing, as set out in the brief, the innovative solution, a technical overview of its working principle and if possible the distribution of roles within the team.
  •           Answer the online questionnaire available via the participant space and include the following:
    •         Company name
    •         Names of the co-founders
    •         Date the company was created
    •         Number of people working in your company
    •         Country the company is registered in
    •         What problem did you observe that led you to create your company?
    •         Give a brief description of your solution.
    •         What makes it innovative?
    •         What added value can it bring to Groupe ADP?
    •         Who are your clients? If possible, give a list of clients
    •         What is your target market? (B2B - B2C - B2B2C)
    •         What development stage are you at? (R&D, prototype, on the market, etc.)
    •         What was your latest turnover (if applicable)?
    •         Is your solution already on the market? If so, in what country?
  •          (Optional) appendices that you think are necessary to help people understand your project


7.3.            The Final Files as submitted by Participants will be pre-selected in accordance with the methods set out in Article 11.


8.1.            The Pre-Selection is scheduled from December 22nd , 2018 at 12H00 pm GMT+2 to February 3rd , 2019 11H59 pm GMT+2

8.2.            Only the 20 (twenty) Files selected at the end of the Pre-selection stage will be able to participate to the Selection stage.

8.3.            Participants involved in the selected Projects will be informed that they have been selected in accordance with the procedures set out in Article 11 and, by February 3rd , 2019 23.59 GMT+2, must upload their Final File to the platform. This Final File will include:

  •          A 10-15-slide PowerPoint presentation (ideally sent in PDF format) going further in the explanation of, as set out in the brief, the innovative solution and explaining if possible the potential execution of POC with the Organising company.
  •          A video of up to 90 seconds introducing the project - appendices may be included
  •         (Optional) appendices that they think are necessary to help people understand their projec

8.4.            The Final Files as submitted by Participants will be selected in accordance with the methods set out in Article 11.

Article 9           FINALE PROCEDURE

9.1.            Only Participants from the three (3) Projects selected following the selection stage will take part in the Challenge Final.

9.2.            This final stage will involve Participants giving an oral presentation of their Final File on April 2nd , 2019 to the Final Jury and to members of the Organizing Company at Groupe ADP's headquarters in Paris, France.

9.3.            Teams taking part in the Final will be Ranked in accordance with the methods set out in Article 11


10.1.       These Application Files must comply with the rules and instructions as determined by the Organizing Company and made available in the 'Brief' tab on the Challenge page, available at

10.2.       The Application files must be sent in a common digital format such as: DOC/DOCX/PDF/PPT/PPTX/KEY/ODT/MP3/MPEG/MOV/MP4 and be written in French or in English.

10.3.       In the event that opening and reading the Deliverable proves problematic or impossible, it is the responsibility of the Participants in question to remedy the situation before that stage's deadline for submitting Files, and within three (3) days of that date at the latest. Beyond this time, the Application File in question will be disqualified from the Challenge.

Article 11        SELECTION PROCESS

11.1.       The Challenge involves two selection processes and one ranking process:

  •          a Pre-Selection process, which takes place at the end of the pre-selection stage;
  •          a Final Selection process, which takes place at the end of the selection stage;
  •          a Ranking process, which takes place at the end of the Challenge Final.

11.2.       Each of these selection and ranking steps are based on the criteria of:

  •        The quality of the submitted file, graded out of 5.
  •        The innovative nature of the submitted file, graded out of 5.
  •        The project's ability to adapt to the airport environment, graded out of 5.
  •        The quality of the project's response to a need identified within airports, graded out of 5.

Under no circumstances are taken into account factors relating to the person's appearance, religious or trade union, political opinions or sexual orientation of the participants. The selections will not result in any way, whether directly or indirectly, by chance or luck.

11.3.       A Pre-selection Committee formed of a number of managers from the Organizing Company who have the necessary skills to assess the submitted Files will choose the 20 pre-selection files that they judge to best meet the criteria set out in Article 11.2.

11.4.       A Selection Committee formed of a number of managers from the Organizing Company who have the necessary skills to assess the FINALE Files will choose the 3 selection files that they judge to best meet the criteria set out in Article 11.2.

11.5.       A Final Jury formed of members of the Organizing Company with the qualifications needed to choose the winners based on Participants' presentations at the final will be responsible for selecting and ranking the winning Projects – the three (3) projects they judge to best meet the criteria set out in Article 11.2 and that were ranked in the top three places – at the conclusion of the Final. The results will be announced in accordance with Article11.9.

11.6.       The Organizer will inform all Participants, via an email sent to the address entered at the time of account creation on and via a notification on their account, of the Pre-Selection results by December 21st , 2018 at 12.00 GMT+2 at the latest and of the Selection results by March 6th , 2019 at 12.00 GMT+2 at the latest. The Organizers will be free to alter the dates on which results are released should this become necessary due to the number of Projects to be assessed.

11.7.       All pre-selected and selected Participants must respond to the email sent by the Organizer announcing that their Project has been pre-selected or selected within four days of receiving the email. If no reply is received within this period, the Organizers reserve the right to disqualify that Participant's Project.

11.8.       The ranking of the Winning projects and the ‘Employee favourite’ Project will be announced on April 2nd 2019 after the Finale event.

Article 12        AWARDS

12.1.       Participants are reminded that the Awards listed in this Article will only be given to Participants if the following conditions are met:

  •          Participants submit a Final Deliverable that fits with the Brief and whose quality has been recognized by the Jury as deserving of an Award in accordance with the conditions of Article 11;
  •          all Winners accept and comply with the provisions of Article 13 of the Rules regarding intellectual property;
  •          all Winners accept and comply with the provisions of Article 14 of the Rules regarding the quoting of Winners.

12.2.       Only the Participants involved with the three (3) top Projects as ranked by the Final Jury at the end of the selection stage will be given an Award.

12.3.       Within 15 days of the Final Jury determining the final ranking, the Organizer will inform the Winners of the Awards' availability by sending an email to the address given when they opened their account on Should a Winner fail to claim their prize or fail to carry out any actions required to receive the Award for reasons outside the control of the Organizing Company or the Organizer within two (2) months of receiving the email, the Organizing Company reserves the right to declare that the Award will not be given to the Winner.

12.4.       The three (3) highest-ranked Final Files will receive the following Awards based on their ranking.

  1. Awards for Project n°1

Subject to the proposed solution being compliant with the provisions of Article 30, section III, subsection 1 of French decree no. 2016-360 of 25 March 2016, a trial (POC) on behalf of the Organizing Company to an approximate maximum value of €40,000.

  1. Awards for all Wining Projects

One page of publicity in the magazine ParisWorldWide as well as a half-day of access to one of Groupe ADP's business areas.

An opportunity to present their solution to the Groupe ADP Executive Committee.

A chance to meet with the investment team at Groupe ADP's innovation hub.

Transport fees will be taken care of for one person representing its company to attend the Final event on April 2nd subject to approval from the Organising company.



13.1.       To produce their Application File and more generally as part of the Challenge, Participants can make use of intellectual property that belongs to them or intellectual property that they have been granted the right to use and reproduce in accordance with a contract.

13.2.       Participants remain the rights holders of the intellectual property they own at the time of registering on the platform. Similarly, third parties will retain the rights to their intellectual property. The Organizing Company, the Organizer, Participants and third parties will be granted no rights over any party's pre-existing property as part of the Challenge.

13.3.       Without prejudice to the above, Participants give their express permission for the Organizing Company and the Organizer to use the content of their Application Files for the sole purpose of carrying out and promoting the Challenge. Within this scope, Participants grant the Organizing Company and the Organizer the right to use, record, represent, reproduce, translate and communicate all or part of their Application File via any medium for promotional, business or information purposes anywhere in the world throughout the duration of the Challenge and for one year after its conclusion.

Participants indemnify the Organizing Company and the Organizer against any claims from third parties of their intellectual property rights being contravened during the Challenge. Participants are informed that any claim made by a third party against the Organizing Company or the Organizer, in the event that the Participant in question does not bring an immediate halt to the infringement, will result in their disqualification from the Challenge without prejudice to any legal action taken to protect the interests of the Organizer and/or the Organizing Company.

Article 14        COMMUNICATION

14.1.       Each Participant authorizes

the Organizers, in the hypothesis where he/she would be appointed Winner of the Challenge to use his/her family name, his/her first name, his/her twitter address, his/her city and his/her region of residence and his/her photograph, name in any promotional demonstration (except with purchase advertising space), including on the web sites of the Organiser and the Organising Company and any site or affiliated support, without that this use can legally give rise to any remuneration during 2 years maximum after the end of the Challenge.


15.1.       As this challenge is free and there is no obligation to make any purchase, internet connection fees will be refunded up to a limit of three minutes' connection at local rates (€0.15/min). This figure is an estimate of the connection time needed to download the Challenge rules.

Given that with currently available service and technical offerings, some internet service providers offer a free connection or flat-rate connection to web users, and as such it is expressly agreed that access to the website on a free or flat-rate basis (such as cable, ADSL or specialist connections) will in no case result in any reimbursement as in such cases, the subscription to the internet provider's services is contracted by the web user for their general internet use and as such, Participants' connection to the site and participation in the challenge does not result in any additional costs or expenses.

Accordingly, only individuals who access the internet using a connection for which they are charged based on usage time will be reimbursed. Requests for reimbursement must be sent to the Organizer accompanied by proof that the request is well-founded in accordance with the conditions set out in Article 15.2.

The postage costs borne by participants when making their request will be refunded on written request based on the current regular letter rate. Only one reimbursement request per participant registered in the challenge (with the same name at the same address) may be submitted per envelope. Incomplete requests will not be taken into account.

15.2.       All requests for refund by the Participant must be sent in writing before April 26th , 2019 (date as postmark), to the following address:


34, rue du faubourg Saint-Antoine

75012 PARIS

Request cannot be done by telephone or by e-mail.

15.3.       To be admissible, the request will mandatory contain:

  •         Full contact details of the Participant (name, first name, address, zip code, city, Agorize login and e-mail);
  •         Valid bank details or account details;
  •          Where applicable, the precise request of communication of Rules and repayment of the stamp used in the aforementioned price rate.
  •          Where required, a detailed bill sent to the Participant from a telecoms operator indicating the date and time of the connection.

15.4.       Any request of repayment over the deadline, incomplete, dubious or inaccurate will be refused in whole or part.

15.5.       Only one reimbursement per Participant will be accepted.

15.6.       The reimbursement will be processed by bank transfer on the account indicated during the request after the check of the legitimacy of the request and in a deadline the Organizers of which have the whole discretion.

Article 16        LIABILITY

16.1.       The Organizing Company and the Organizer may not be held liable for any disruption to internet connections or for any difficulties accessing the site due to a large number of visitors or participants.

In no case may they be held responsible for interruptions to connections or access, data loss, computer viruses or any direct or indirect damage of any kind that Participants may suffer before, during or after taking part in the Challenge.

In addition, the Organizing Company and the Organizer may not be held liable for any events for which they are not directly or indirectly accountable, including potential delays to delivery of awards, Participants' inability to provide the documents needed for their application, or cases of force majeure that may disrupt or alter the challenge or result in its cancellation.

16.2.       As a result, Participants waive the right to open any proceedings against the Organizing Company, the Organizer and their agents for any damage and/or harm they may suffer as part of the Challenge.

16.3.       The Organizing Company and the Organizer may not be held liable for any incident that may arise in relation to the provision of the prizes; all liability in this matter falls on the company or companies with which the winners contract directly.

16.4.       The Organizing Company reserves the right to temporarily suspend participation in the Challenge if it can no longer ensure the continuity of service required for the Challenge to take place. The Organizing Company and the Organizer reserve the right to alter, extend, suspend or cancel the Challenge without notice, including in the event of force majeure. In no case may they may be held liable for such action and Participants may not request compensation of any kind on these grounds.


17.1.       Is “Confidential Information” in the sense of the present arrangement, all the material or immaterial information of whatever nature, in particular administrative, commercial, scientific, technical, financial, fiscal, which was, is or will be communicated by the Organising Company to the Participant, directly or indirectly, and in a non-exhaustive way, orally, in writing whatever the support is, by delivery of paper or electronic documents.

Is not Confidential Information:

  1.                 The currently accessible information or becoming accessible to the public without breach at the terms of the Regulations from the Participant,
  2.                 The information legally held by the Participant before their disclosure by the Organising Company,
  3.                 The information not resulting either directly or indirectly from the use of all or part of the Confidential Information,
  4.                 The information validly obtained close to a third party authorized to transfer or to reveal the aforementioned information.

17.2.        During the duration of the Challenge and during a period of five (5) years after the end of the Challenge such as planned in Article 5 The Participant makes a commitment to:

  •         Not using the Confidential Information for any other purposes than the participation in the Challenge in the conditions of the Regulations;
  •        Taking any necessary, useful and reasonable precaution to protect the Confidential Information;
  •        Not Revealing the Confidential Information to whomever, by any means whatsoever, except to the other members of his/her Team;

17.3.       The Organizers may disclose Participants’ Information wholly or in part to all its subsidiaries in the sense of Article L.233-­‐1 of the French Commercial Code or to a Organiser acting on its behalf or that of its subsidiaries.

17.4.       At the end of the Challenge, because of the emergence of their term indicated to Article 5 or of their cancellation, the Participant will immediately have to put back to the Organising Company all the Confidential Information, whatever their support is, obtained during the Challenge. The Participant forbids himself from keeping copy in any form whatsoever, except with an on purpose, preliminary and written agreement by the Organising Company.


18.1.       The participation in the Challenge requires the communication of the Participant’s personal data mentioned in Article 4.

18.2.       This data can be modified at any time by the Participant.

18.3.       This data mentioned in the present Article is subjected to an automated processing in the sense of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR) for which the Organiser and possibly the Organising Company, is alone to define the means and the purpose, and is responsible, in this respect, for this processing in the sense of the aforementioned law.

The purpose of this processing is:

  •       To organize the intermediation between the Participant and the Organising Company;
  •       To ensure identification, communication and preservation of the exchanges with the Participant;
  •       To realize anonymous market studies by the Organiser or a third-party.

18.4.       The addressees of this data are the Organiser and the Organising Company.

18.5.       According to provisions of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR), the Participant is informed that the personal data processing made was subjected to a statement in the Commission Nationale de l'informatique et des Libertés from which the receipt was delivered under the number 1856312v0.

In this respect, the Organiser made a commitment to protect all the personal data of the concerned people. These data are collected and handled in by the Organiser with the strictest confidentiality according to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR).

18.6.       According to the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR), the Participant has, at any time, the right to:

  •        Oppose to the collect and process of personal data carried out by the Organiser;
  •        Oppose to the communication of these data to third-parties;
  •        Get access to all personal data handled by the Organiser;
  •        Rectify, update and delete his personal data handled by the Organiser.

To exercise his rights in conformance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR), the Participant has to send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt mentioning clearly his identity and the object of his request to:


34, rue du faubourg Saint-Antoine

75012 PARIS

18.7.       Concerning the possible installation of cookies (or witnesses of connection) on the Participant’s computer during his browsing on the Organiser’s website, the Participant is invited to consult the Regulations and Competition Rules, Terms and Conditions present on the website and that he/she has to accept previously during the opening of an account necessary to participate in the Challenge.

Article 19        RULES

19.1.       The participation in the Challenge and the awarding of the Award require the acceptance purely and simply and the full respect for the Rules in all its terms. The Organizers reserve the right to disqualify, immediately and without compensation, every Participant and/or Project not satisfying in full with the Rules.

19.2.       The Organizers reserve the right to modify at any time the terms of the Rules, and during the Challenge without the requirement of notification to the Participant, concerning the application and the validity of these modifications. The Participant is invited to consult regularly the Rules. The Participant gives up expressly any complaint or contesting linked to any modification brought to the Rules by the Organizers.

19.3.       Regulations are registered with SELARL 812- HUISSIERS, huissiers de justice associés, 88 boulevard de la Reine - 78000 - Versailles.

Rules are available for consultation online on

A copy of these Rules can be asked for free and with the reimbursement of the stamp used in the conditions of Article 14.

Article 20        INDEPENDENCE

20.1.       The registration and the participation in the Challenge are not, in any way, for effect to create a link of subordination between the Organizer, the Organizing company and the Participant

Article 21        CLAIMS

21.1.       Any claim of the Participant must be sent in writing during the latest 30 days after ending date of the Challenge.

21.2.       Claims linked to the functioning of the website must be formulated in writing at the following address:


34, rue du faubourg Saint-Antoine

75012 PARIS

21.3.       Claims linked to the progress of the Challenge and to the sending of the Award must be formulated in writing at the following address:


34, rue du faubourg Saint-Antoine

75012 PARIS

21.4.       At the risk of being rejected, any claim has to contain:

  •          Full contact details of the Participant (name, first name, address, zip code, city, Agorize login and e-mail);
  •          The identification of the concerned Challenge;
  •          The clear and elaborate presentation of the motives for the claim.


22.1.       In the event of a dispute lasting for more than fifteen days following the Participant's instigation of a complaint, the Organizer and the Participant agree to submit their dispute to an amicable conciliation procedure prior to initiating any legal proceedings.

22.2.       The party eager to initiate conciliation must inform the other party through a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt in which it will make him know his intentions and it will specify the cause.

22.3.       If no agreement is reached between the parties within 30 days of the registered letter reception, parties regain their freedom of action.

Article 23        APPLICABLE LAW

The Regulations and the Challenge are under the French law.

In case of disagreement on the application or interpretation of the Rules, and the absence of agreement, any dispute will be submitted to the competent court, according to the legal rules of territorial jurisdiction.