Resilient HK Challenge

Help Hong Kong adapt, overcome and grow beyond its challenges as a resilient city.

This Challenge is now over, find out about the results here!

Urban Resilience

The capacity of individuals, communities, institutions, businesses and systems within a city to survive, adapt, and grow no matter what kinds of chronic stresses and acute shocks they experience.
As defined by 100 Resilient Cities

What is Resilient HK?

Inspired by 100RC, Resilient HK is an initiative that brings together a coalition of innovators and corporates working together to help Hong Kong adapt, overcome and grow beyond its challenges as a resilient city. It is a space for different stakeholders to meet and collaborate in a fun, interactive and transparent setting to have productive dialogues, and an opportunity to envision solutions to the future of our beloved city.
Recurring unforeseen circumstances and global crises have challenged and strained Hong Kong’s infrastructure in relation to health & wellbeing, economy & society, infrastructure and environment. Now, we must think of ways to make our city more resilient under these difficult conditions. It is crucial for us to understand our systems fully and analyse their inherent risks. A shared goal, to pre-empt and explore innovative ways to enable systematic progress and make Hong Kong more crisis-ready.
Cities face a growing range of adversities and obstacles in the modern era. From the effects of climate change to inadequate city infrastructure to pandemics and cyber-attacks. Resilience is what helps cities survive and transform in the face of these challenges, allowing them to prepare for both the expected and the unexpected.

Examples of Resilient Cities


Paris, France

Toronto, Canada

Bangkok, Thailand

Why become involved?

For You
(Professionals, Startups, NGOs, Community Builders, etc.)
Take action by sharing your voice, ideas and expertise to envision your resilient city. Be heard and challenge your innovative thinking for solutions to current and future emergencies. Design mechanisms to ensure everyone living and working in the city has access to what they need to survive and thrive. For your city, for Hong Kong.