Resilient HK Challenge

Help Hong Kong adapt, overcome and grow beyond its challenges as a resilient city.

This Challenge is now over, find out about the results here!

For your city, for Hong Kong

Take action by sharing your voice, ideas and expertise to envision your resilient city. Be heard and challenge your innovative thinking for solutions to current and future emergencies. Design mechanisms to ensure everyone living and working in the city has access to what they need to survive and thrive.
We are looking for ideas based on the 3 key pillars of a resilient city.


Your proposal is expected to highlight the following:
  1. Present a solution to improve HK's resiliency based on the above pillars
  2. Ideas that address directly the issues highly relevant to Hong Kong's status and future
Application of technology (e.g. AI & Big Data, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, etc.) to transform current status quo is highly preferred, depending on the nature of your idea!

Judging Criteria


Is the solution innovative and original that can improve HK’s resiliency?


Identify the problem clearly that is relevant to the situation of Hong Kong.


The scalability and sustainability of the implementation.


Articulation of the solution and the potential impact it will have on society.