Creating the multi-purpose maritime platform of the future - STARTUPS/SME

Collaborate with RTE to develop multiuses of a platform at sea

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Voting Phase

From february 4th to april 1st 
Download the pre selection document and upload it in your participation space.
Selection criteria* :
-Quality of the presentation

Mentoring Phase

From april 15th to may 09th

The selected projects will be accompanied by mentors and experts to:

-enrich their project
-better meet the needs and constraints of RTE
-make the project as concrete as possible
At the end of this phase, the finalists will be selected

Finalists pitches

May 20th 


Pitch finalist projects in front of the directors of RTE activities

Awards Ceremony

june 5th - 6th or  7th

The teams selected will be invited to promote their ideas to the Seanergy forum in Dunkirk