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Collaborate with RTE to develop multiuses of a platform at sea

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Creating the multi-purpose maritime platform of the future – help to design its innovative services


Do you dream of taking part in cutting-edge national projects in the maritime sector that feature a major innovative aspect? Are you passionate about applying the latest digital technology to the marine world? Is protecting the marine environment and its biodiversity something you value? Do you think that successfully achieving energy transition is a key challenge ?   


Then RTE and the CUD need you! 


By 2025, a offshore wind farm of between 400 and 600 MW will be installed off Dunkirk. RTE, French manager of the Réseau de Transport d'Électricité, will be in charge of the electrical connection of this wind farm, including the design, implementation and operation of its first offshore electrical platform, whose primary purpose will be to transform the electricity produced by wind turbines at sea, and connect it to the national terrestrial electrical network.
RTE and the CUD are launching a challenge of open innovation to find other uses for this electric platform serving the territory.
This exploratory observation aims to find possible ways innovate through the electric platform, serving the territories and many various of the sea.


How can new services be developed and showcased through the new maritime platform?


Up for grabs for winners

The winning company will sign a partnership agreement with RTE for the development and testing of a prototype, intended primarily for the Dunkirk platform.
This partnership will result in both human (involvement of an agent of RTE in studies) and financial contributions (up to € 20,000).

This RTE / CUD / Company agreement involves :

  • To ensure a presence on Dunkirk once a month for a minimum period of 18 months
  • Technical and methodological support by RTE and CUD experts
  • Participation in a monthly project monitoring committee
  • Possibility of accommodation for the laureates (accommodation at the CUD in Dunkirk)
  • Provision of technical data relating to the platform Mobilization of expertise (financial, legal, technological, etc.) according to the needs of the project 
  • Mobilization of expertise (financial, legal, technological, etc.) according to the needs of the project

The winning company will sign a partnership agreement with RTE to assist in the development of a co-use development project for the Dunkirk platform or another region.
This contract also involves the financing by RTE of a feasibility study.

Finalists companies will benefit from exceptional visibility during the final event.
  • Access to 3 days of Seanergy forum
  • Presence on the RTE / CUD stand at the show
  • Coverage of transportation costs and two nights for one person per finalist company according to condition

Your mission

Your idea should be innovative, bold and visionary, imagining the multiple purposes that tomorrow’s maritime platforms will fulfill.

You should put together your idea based on solid knowledge of the marine world to ensure that you have taken all of its environmental limitations into account and fully optimized your idea votre idée. We will pay particular attention to the feasibility of the project.

The proposed solution will have to incorporate numerical, technological and safety concepts at sea, but also economic ones.

Be curious and daring – you have it in you! !

A few ideas for inspiration

Thoses suggestions do not exclude the proposal of other ideas, as long as it adresses the problematic !

Smart Platform



Trials -


Remote tourism & tourism for the general public 




5-7 june

Awards Ceremony
The teams selected will be invited to promote their ideas AT THE Seanergy forum in Dunkirk
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