Shibuya Food Tech Challenge for Social Innovation

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The event has ended. Thank you for all the supports!
Please find the archives in the SIW2020 and check the video (Program: Nov11th)

About the Event

Nov. 11 2020 18:00~20:00 [JST]

※The event will be held online.

Registration deadline
Nov. 11 2020 Noon (JST)

※The link to the conference call will be shared prior to the event.

※You will be redirected to the registration page.
See the pitches from our selection of global Startups!

▶︎Hong Kong:Green Monday
※More will be coming soon


Why Food Tech in Shibuya?

The food service industry in Japan is said to be of about 25 trillion yen. (approx. 240 billion USD) While the restaurant industry is thriving in Shibuya,
there are still many issues to be solved at a micro-level to improve the future of this industry.

This year in 2020, with the Social Innovation Week 2020 (SIW2020), we would like to invite startups from around the world to tackle food-related issues under the theme of food tech, and take the first step to collaborate within the Shibuya community.  

Through this event, you will be able to learn about global and local- Shibuya- initiatives to improve the food industry. You will be in prime position to witness the passion with which Shibuya wishes to develop and evolve!

Food Tech ~Challenge Themes~


Food safety


Provide Safe Foods・Prevent Food Allergies・Healthcare×Food・ Nutrition・Food Distribution/Traceability


Food consumption

Solving Food Loss/Waste・Superfood・New ways of consuming Protein・Emergency Foods


Food culture


New types of Food Culture/Experiences・Tastes&Senses・VR/AR・Entertainment

Partners & Sponsors




11月11日(水) 18:00~20:30



11月9日(月) 23:59



▶︎香港:Green Monday