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UPTOO in brief

UPTOO is the leading French platform for recruiting the best salespeople and sales managers. UPTOO has created a disruptive recruitment offering that combines services, consultancy, and digital and Big Data technology. It has doubled in size in the last two years with more than 120 employees (2019 turnover: €17m; over 4,500 BtoB customers). It is located at the heart of the Sentier district of Paris and also has branches in Nantes, Lyon, Bordeaux and Strasbourg. The company plans to open offices in other French cities and in Europe within 2-3 years. 


UPTOO has recently been included in the top 100 of the French Web FW500, the 500 leading French tech companies, and was also included in the 2018 international “Great Place To Work” rankings of the best companies to work for, entering at 4th place.


The HRTech market on which it has adopted a position is vast, and it has very strong ambitions. UPTOO has raised €10m from Ardian, the leading European investment fund, to support its development and intensify its technological advancement.

UPTOO wants to maintain its disruptive positioning – and it needs you! Tackle this issue


What would a factory that creates BtoB sales champions look like?


Ideas for inspiration based on the four key stages in a salesperson’s career 

Feel free to tackle one or more of these stages as long as it’s something you’re passionate about


Step 1 : Selection

What are appropriate selection criteria for salespeople? What soft skills should they have? How can they be highlighted during the selection process? Can the selection process be redesigned to make it more relevant?

Step 2 : Training

Where is BtoB sales training lacking? Do business schools still fulfil their expected role? What is the best training programme (a combination of modules from an existing programme or an entirely new programme)?

Step 3 : Assessment

What assessment criteria are appropriate for sales roles? What specific key success factors can be used? What performance measurement tools should be taken into account?

Step 4 : Talent Management

How can management of talented salespeople be improved? How can management models that encourage performance and free up energy/potential be put in place?


Excellence in sales execution is all too rarely seen as a major growth driver for businesses – and yet having a high-level sales team is the quickest route to gain market share and grow your business.

Valued highly by our English-speaking neighbours, the sales sector nonetheless suffers from a negative image in France, which makes it less appealing. But despite this, talented entrepreneurs who started their careers in sales are too many to count. Why do so few high-flyers from the best universities naturally turn to sales roles? How can we change this?

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