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 Nexeya France in Brief

NEXEYA FRANCE, part of the Hensoldt Group, operates in the Defence, Aeronautics, Energy and Transport sectors. With 600 employees and turnover of €100 million, NEXEYA FRANCE designs and manufactures highly critical specialist electronic products and provides high value-added services. The company offers a wide range of solutions, including:

• products and services linked to combat and navigation systems (e.g. an in-built CMS system that creates and monitors a tactical situation to combat piracy, narcotraffic and illegal immigration);
• maritime surveillance and information systems for aircraft;
• flight simulation systems;
• hydrogen-based energy storage and supply solutions.

Two of NEXEYA’s development priorities are:

• developing a portfolio of highly innovative technologies and related services;
• accelerating the company’s international growth.

To stay innovative and continue its growth, NEXEYA FRANCE needs you! Tackle this issue:


Imagine sustainable and innovative solutions for defence, aeronautics and maintenance at client sites


A few ideas for inspiration

Non exhaustive list of new technologies to use: artificial intelligence, IoT, virtual reality, and power electronics.

How could threats be better detected and identified? And how could better decision-making assistance be provided? What developments could be made to in-built systems in terms of data acquisition and processing? What new guidance and control equipment could be developed? How could combat and weapons systems be better maintained in operational condition? 


What developments could be made to aeronautics systems? What improvements could be made to in-flight fault detection in aeronautics systems? 

Equipment maintenance at clients’ sites

How could we carry out our activities in a way that limits our impact on the environment? (international maintenance activities, in highly constrained sites, with limited network connections, at high temperatures, on the other side of the world, etc.)

Things to remember

The solutions you put forward must be:
  • responsible. NEXEYA FRANCE is committed to making social, economic and environmental responsibility a core part of its focus as a company. Sustainable development, a disability policy and anti-corruption efforts are at the heart of its work. NEXEYA FRANCE is a participant in the United Nations Global Compact.
  • innovative
  • achievable – in both technical and economic terms
  • relevant to NEXEYA FRANCE’s business activities.

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