The Trail by VINCI Construction - 2nd Edition

Imagina el sector de la construcción del mañana

Discover the highlights of the international final in video!

With an exceptional participation of 2107 talented students from all over the world, the  2nd edition of The Trail by VINCI Construction was a real success.
Due to the current context, the final was lead online so a big Bravo to the 13 teams from the 5 competing continents who adapted and gave their best!

Congratulations to the 4 winning teams! 

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The UNDERGREEN team's project is based on the reinvestment of obsolete underground spaces by installing methanisation stations that transform the neighbourhood's organic waste and supply the buildings with clean energy.





"Bâtiment du Sahel" is a project aiming to create habitats adapted to Sahelian and desert regions using household ashes and plastic bottles.



Protecoast is an innovative project for the construction of the breakwaters of the future. It is built on old breakwaters. Its shape is made to dissipate swell. Its defence system produces energy.



The ENERGIE BRUYANTE team proposes to take advantage of the noise produced by the city to produce electrical energy and reduce noise pollution by means of piezoelectric membranes placed in windows and facades.


Not forgetting the 9 finalist teams





Melissa Lee, Lung Kuang Koh, Kendrik Lim, Dar Win Liew


The Mortar Digital-Twin platform enables all those involved in construction projects to effectively manage their project by providing intelligent recommendations and early warnings.





Matthieu Tincelin, Antoine Devillers, Benjamin Regert, Julien Pitard

Autonomous concrete bucket that allows the concrete to be brought from the delivery area to the pouring area without the need for a crane to optimise its load and reduce MSDs.





Jan Zawadzki, Wojciech Tuchowski, Shilpa Das, Karolina Kurtz-Orecka

Hybrid Earthship is an almost self-sufficient building that meets the principles of sustainable development.





Vlada Ovcharenko, Marco Aulisa, Stepan Macek, Ondřej Venclík 


Transforming what is considered plastic waste into forest shelters.





Andrea Clavel, Amar Soilihi, Ronan Le Quéré, Justine Grandieu

The Smart Module for Connected Helmets is a module that facilitates communication between the different actors on a construction site and includes safety-related options, adaptable to your field.



North America


James Martinez, Ross Garrette, Klara Mateju, Brett Shiflet


Construction-specific augmented reality goggles to improve safety, productivity and environmental impact.





Crispus Mwebembezi, Sherry Owomugisha, Twebaze Simon, Mugisha Arnold

The use of a reliable alternative source of renewable energy while improving air quality in cities: electricity generation on roads and the use of vertical foam panels on buildings.





Noelle Du, Akil Venkata Tumpudi, Zari Subhlok, Dheeraj Pappaa Veeraraju


Pre-demolition analysis software to maximise the recovery and reuse of identified materials.





Diane Michard, Louay Abatourab, Corentin Chereil De la Rivière, Lorine Durand


Collecting unused cold water from showers and sinks while waiting for it to heat up in our homes.