Smart Cities Challenge by Philips Lighting

Imagine innovative solutions and services using lighting networks!

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Register on the platform and present your start-up in a maximum of 3-5 slides (PowerPoint or PDF). Download the template here! Summarize your project, detail the key points, and show how your business plan can create a real value to your project. The most creative and feasible projects will go through the deepening phase.



20 start-ups will be selected for this second phase. They will have to develop their project in a minimum of 20 slides (Powerpoint or PDF) and submit it before July 22, 2018, 23:59 UTC+2. It is up to you to add any other content that might be useful to support your project (video, prototype etc.). During this stage, you will be supported by mentors, who will help you in your work and optimise the end result!


5 start-ups will be selected for the Final Event. In Paris in early September, the 5 finalist teams will pitch their project in front of the Final Jury composed of Philips Lighting Top Executives team and other experts during the Grand Final Event in September 2018.

The judges will rank the 5 best projects