Beyond Retail Challenge

Enhance the people experience within Immochan's facilities

The 4 phases of the Customer Lifecycle

We give you a theoretical framework to help you understand what we define as customer experience



Step 1: Raising Awareness - Before the decision making

The visitor still did not generate the idea of going to the mall. The objective here is to trigger its attention using marketing strategy & technology for the shopping idea to emerge. This triggering should be activated on individually-based needs tailored to the closely located mall’s offering. We also want our malls to be part of the local community and be attractive outside of simple retailing points.



Step 2: Acquisition - From the decision to action

Then, once the decision is taken, future visitors might be looking for any pre-experience solutions that would make their shopping experience easier (shopping itineraries, rates & reviews’ websites, VR experience to previsualize the mall, live data of the mall’s frequentation). The objective is both to avoid the most crowded times, simplify the visitor’s arrival and drafting its yet to come itinerary based on both needs and current deals happening in the different stores.



Step 3: Activation & Revenue Generation
The in-house experience

From the time visitors enter the mall’s boundaries (parking spot) to their final step outside of the exit door. Solutions to enrich their experience are endless and could make a simple family excursion to the shopping mall become an outstanding journey. This unique experience can either be physical or digital. Our goal is to connect with our customers through a surprising experience based on sharing. 




Step 4: Retention & Referrals - After the journey

At the very moment, your visitors exit your facilities, another step begins. You should make sure they enjoyed it to the fullest and give them the opportunity to share their experience with other potential visitors. Also, you must gather their feedback and find ways to implement them within your strategy. Also, your visitors should be thrilled to come again, therefore, you need to think about solutions to encourage them coming back. 



Keep in mind

Immochan believes that what differentiates a physical place from another or from an online marketplace is what happens ON SITE.  For that reason, your solution should be focused (but not limited to) on enriching, optimizing, reinventing “The In-house experience”. Therefore, your proposal must mandatorily tackle the step number 3. 

Generate Value
Your solution could combine both but needs at least to answer point #1.
Indeed, emotional value is what drives traffic flow, which is our most important resource.

Increase Emotional Value



Enhance attractiveness of Immochan’s facilities.


Generate new revenue sources


 Create new streams of revenues for Immochan & local shop tenants.


As part of this challenge, your solution must combine some of these blow sections, none of these are mandatory but they serve as global KPI’s to reshape your concept to our current needs.

Customers’ data and personalization

How to use technology to increase data generation and therefore Customer Knowledge? This aims to target and offer visitors a tailor-made experience. Emphasize will be made on the bringing the best deals and optimize experience based on personal data. Also, solutions providing unconscious data mining from customers (through a different set of actions non-directly linked to data collection) will be preferred.


New partners concepts: increase the branding of our tenants

How to reinvent the traditional 1 to 1 buyers-purchaser relation between partners and people? One could think of gamification or bring shop tenants outside of their stores to advertise the public, organizing brand-powered events (classes, workshops, punctual exhibitions).


Entertainment experience: create shared memories

As our current organization fosters partnered event and ephemeral showcases of different external partners (musical, dance, history related re-compositions, punctual themes and so forth). We aim to be more than a simple retail place for different stores. People should be incentivized to visit and come back.


Connect the dots: Think global, act locally

Our objective is to create people’s interaction and answer needs on any specific territory, acting as an urban bond between people)? More than a mall, Immochan’s facilities aim to become a place where people have lifelong lasting memories by brightening up everyday life.

Our places should foster collaboration between local partners (associations, clubs). Therefore, each solution should be potentially tailorable to the specific constraints (geographical, demographic) & preferred activities (social, entertainment, sport, culture) of the local community.


Our care about social & environmental responsibility

At Immochan, we value the social impact our actions can make on a global scale. Part of a global program (“BREEAM” environmental certification) of integrating improvements in our processes, we aim for solutions that could enhance our environmental & social impact.


  • Recycling: reduce greenhouse emissions by 15%

Integrating idea on how to deal with all wastes generated in our structures and how to reduce these.


  • Energy Saving: reduce energy consumption by 15%

To help us monitor our use of electricity or/and other resources to optimize our current process.


  • Environmentally friendly: Green lease with our retailer's partners

Improving the overall setting of our centers and our partnerships with our retail partners.