Beyond Retail Challenge

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What's in there for the 5 winning Startups

Note that rewards will be adapted to the profile and needs of the winning start-ups. We are conscious that pre-seed startups and Serie B ones have different needs and therefore will adapt our prizes accordingly.

  • Pre-start-up phase to seed phase:  POC development and implementation

After the Grand Final, top teams will be granted with 50,000€ for the realization of a Proof of Concept (POC) in one mall in their country of preference (in collaboration with our local team). Afterward, the solution could be extended to other malls in the same or different country.

  • Start-up expansion and further developed: Soft launch contract

Financial support under the form of a soft-launch contract (worth 50,000€) to implement your solution one or more location in your selected country. Then, depending on the success of the implementation, a larger-scale launch could be thought in other malls in the same or in other countries.

  • For all:  Networking & Collaboration

You will also beneficiate from our network of experts (Accelerator, VC funds, and scouting) as well as our internal capabilities (HR, Supply Chain, Marketing, Legal, Finance, IT….) to help your company scale-up. You will also receive specific market-based mentoring from your preferred country.

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