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The Prize Rules | European Startup Prize For Mobility : Edition 2020

The European Startup Prize for Mobility (the “EU Prize”) is organized by the European Union Startup Prize, a French association governed by the law on association of 1901 (“EUSP”) under the patronage of the European Parliament, of the European Commission and several partners.

The EU Prize aims at promoting, each year, the 10 best European startups developing innovative and sustainable mobility solutions.

In order to select the 10 winning startups for the edition 2020, the EU Prize challenge is organised with 3 major selection steps (“On line”, via an “Interview” and during a “Award Ceremony”).

The top 10 startups of the challenge will eventually benefit from a 6 months scale up program offered by the EUSP.

The EU Prize entails a selection process made by European mobility experts, chosen among the partners of the EU Prize (the “Jury”), including Via ID and Boston Consulting Group (the “Co-founders”). The list of the members of the Jury is available at the following address: The Jury can change during the process.

This document sets out the rules of the EU Prize. It constitutes a binding agreement between the company applying to the EU Prize (the “Applicant”) and EUSP.


Participation to the EU Prize is free and open to all mobility companies, incorporated in the European Union as well as countries participating to the EU program Horizon 2020, and willing to expand at the European level.

The selection process is organized in three levels of selection:

Level one goes on-line: an on-line selection of the top 50 startups who filled the registration form. The selection is made by the Jury.
Level two is an interview: the top 50 will be auditioned by the Jury in order to assess their motivation as well as the quality of their application. At the end of this selection phase, 10 winners are appointed.
Level three, see you at the Award Ceremony: the 4 best startups will be selected by the Jury, based on their pitch and the overall quality of their application. A 5th startup will be appointed by the audience. The 4 of them will be designated as Gold winners.
At each step of the selection process, all deliberations of the Jury will be confidential and no written decision will be provided to the Applicant.

All decisions of the jury are final and cannot be appealed.


In order to assess applications in the course of the EU Prize, EUSP will collect the Applicant’s data (“Data”).

By accepting these rules and participating to the EU Prize, the Applicant explicitly allows EUSP to use Data in the context of the EU Prize, both for its organization and promotion. In particular, the Applicants explicitly allows EUSP to send their application file and Data to the co-founders and European partners in order for them to cooperate. Applicant is informed and accepts that EUSP can send relevant commercial proposals (invitations, tenders, workshops etc.) by its European partners, partners, evaluators and supporters. A list of partners of the EU Prize can be found at the following address: [In progress].


There are 9 key selection criteria for the EU Startup Prize:

Business model:

#1 Innovation: How innovative/game-changing is this product/service?

#2 Market: How does the traction look for this startup?

#3 Execution: How would you assess the execution speed of the company since its incorporation?

#4 Team: How strong does the managing team look?


#5 Climate: How does it contribute to reduce the carbon footprint in the transports’ sector?

#6 Environmental impact: How does it tackle other environmental issues such as air pollution, water pollutions, use of natural resources, etc.?

Social impact:

#7 Social inclusion: How does it reduce the costs for its users (B to B, B to C and B to G)?

#8 Territorial inclusion: How does the service/product contribute to reconnect remote areas, which are suffering from a lack of mobility solutions?

A better European Union:

#9 Europe: How much will this startup benefit from this European program?

The list of criteria is not comprehensive but the above details are provided to give Applicant a better idea on the selection process.


During the selection process, applicants will be asked to tick one or several of the categories below (one main and a few secondaries), depending on where they fit the best:

Micro mobility
Shared mobility
Clean energy & e-mobility
Mobility platforms & services
Connected vehicles & data
Autonomous vehicles & systems
Smart infrastructure & parking
Long-distance logistics & last mile
Air mobility, air traffic management & unmanned aircrafts
Those categories will help the Jury to match the right experts with the startups to be evaluated.


The 10 winners of the EU Prize will be awarded with the following dedicated programme. This year, due to the Covid-19 crisis, most of the EUSP initiatives will be open to all applicants in order to provide all the community of startups with a re-investment plan, channeling European funds to recover from the social and economic crisis.

1/ “Pitch sessions” in front of EU investors
pitch session with the European Investment Bank (EIB) targeting scale ups who find themselves eligible to the “Future mobility” funding programme of the EIB;

pitch session in front of experts from the EU institutions and EU-funded programmes covering pre seeds and early stage startups;

mentoring and workshops will be offered to prepare pitch days and to help startups adapt their business model in the context of the Covid-19 socio-economic crisis; open to the Top 10 + all applicants from the 2018-2019-2020 edition will have the possibility to opt in this investment programme.

2/ “Demo Day” in front of European business angels and VCs
planned in November on the sidelines of the Award Ceremony (to be confirmed); open to the Top 10 + all applicants from the 2018-2019-2020 edition will have the possibility to opt in this investment programme.

3/ Participating to the “Day After Manifesto”
a “Day After Manifesto” will define key priorities that could enable a faster and efficient greening of transport, while supporting the European industry recovery in the aftermath of COVID-19 crisis; this manifesto will be presented to European decision-makers.

4/ The Ceremony
Given the cancellation of the Ceremony that was first planned in Vivatech in June, a new Ceremony will be now programmed for the end of the year (date and place to be confirmed)

For this event, the 10 winners will be offered two entries, a stand, a pitching opportunity, a workshop with mobility experts. In addition, the EU Prize staff will help them to organize meetings with relevant leaders in their field (politicians, VCs or companies).

The 10 winners will be reimbursed 200 euros per person (maximum) for two people per companies (maximum) for the fees and expenses incurred (accommodation and travel only and Applicant is responsible for the booking). This reimbursement will be made on the basis of invoices sent to EUSP.

5/ 1 million APIs designed by TomTom will be offered to the top 50 startups

In addition to the above, the 4 Gold award winners of the EU Prize will be awarded with an extra 4 million APIs.

N.B. The winners are committed to attend every step of the European tour and mentoring event organized by the EU Prize. They also commit to publicly communicate on the EU Prize.


20 February 2020: application opened
30 April 2020: applications closed
May 2020: announcement of the top 50
July 2020: announcement of the top 10
September-November 2020: implementation of the “Day After Programme”
November 2020: Ceremony and appointment of the Gold Awards
EUSP guarantees Applicant the full confidentiality of all information communicated during the EU Prize selection process. EUSP ensures that the Jury, European partners and Co-founders of the EU Prize will maintain the same level of confidentiality in accordance with the principles set out in the Article II.


EUSP may cancel the EU Prize at any time. If so, Applicant will be individually informed at the earliest opportunity.