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ALD Automotive:
Who are we?

With nearly 6,000 employees, ALD Automotive offers corporate mobility solutions based on operational vehicle leasing and fleet management for businesses of all sizes in both local and international markets. This activity combines the financial benefits of operational leasing with a complete range of high-quality services, including in particular maintenance, tyre management, fuel consumption, insurance and vehicle replacement.

ALD Automotive has the largest geographical coverage of any leasing company (41 countries), and manages almost 1.4 million vehicles. It has unique knowledge of emerging markets and has established partnerships with Wheels in North America, FleetPartners in Australia and New Zealand, Absa in South Africa, Johnson & Perrot in Ireland, AutoCorp in Argentina, and Arrend Leasing in Central America.

Thanks to new partnerships and targeted acquisitions (+76,000 vehicles in 2016), and in particular the acquisition of the Parcours Group (+66,000 vehicles), ALD Automotive is strengthening its customer base in SMEs and is accelerating growth in France and Europe. The business now holds the No. 1 position in Europe in multi-brand operational vehicle leasing and fleet management, and the third position worldwide.

A pioneer in mobility solutions, ALD Automotive is constantly innovating in order to provide the best support to its customers, fleet managers and drivers, with an offer tailored to their needs.