Open Network Lab Resi-Tech

Join the Open Network Lab Resi-tech accelerator program to get a head-start in developping your business in Japan!

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You have until June 11 2020 to complete your application. 
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Open Network Lab Resi-Tech is looking for innovators that are turning the recent changes happening to our lifestyles into opportunity. We’re looking for bold entrepreneurs building products/services needed in our new world.

Our support menu—given the current circumstances:
  1. Accelerate your progress via a fully online program
  2. Learn about the most recent needs/pain points from key players in the real estate/developer industries
  3. Receive hands-on support as we transform into a “physical x digital” world, leveraging Digital Garage Group’s extensive know-how in the internet business
  4. Get advice regarding financing your business from subject matter experts
  5. Engage in open innovation and deploy your idea quickly through the help of Digital Garage group


Bringing Innovation to Cities and Lifestyles

Open Network Lab Resi-Tech promotes open innovation and assists promising startups in all stages working on products and services that help allow people to have enjoyable lifestyles. It leverages the Digital Garage Group’s global network and experience supporting startups in all stages, in collaboration with major Japanese companies that lead the real estate, construction, and lifeline industries.


Priority themes for Open Network Lab Resi-Tech 2nd Batch



Safety & Security




Data platforms


Real estate



Simultaneous co-creation with multiple major industry players by leveraging partner assets

Open Network Lab Resi-Tech is comprised of the Accelerator Program, which provides support for planning a proof of concept in the Japan market to deploy your product to our partner companies in the near future. A major characteristic of the programs is that participants can utilize the assets of partner companies, carry out simultaneous proofs of concept with multiple companies (all major players in their respective industries). Digital Garage connects startups with partner companies to provide support in various stages and mentorship— leveraging the expertise it has developed through Open Network Lab.


Opportunities will be provided as necessary to receive advice on services and products by inviting specialists, investors, and established entrepreneurs in various fields from Japan and abroad. Highly experienced helpers will work with participating teams to offer support such as business theories and verification, product refinement, and presentations.


This program provides chances for startups in the same stage to form connections, and also to receive advice from established entrepreneurs who have moved into the next stages, as well as experts and multiple companies in various fields.


This program supports businesses by forming an ecosystem where startups can build relationships with major, excellent companies, something that is not easy to do.


Many partner companies cooperate to offer an environment where startups in all stages can step up their speed and work on their businesses. Various benefits are available, including infrastructure, back-office work, and analysis and recruiting tools.


Funding for participating startups will be considered in certain cases.* Funding is not guaranteed. It will only be provided in cases with agreement from both parties.


Assistance is provided for expenses to carry out proofs of concept in the program as required. * This is not a definite guarantee.


① Marching with influential, key figures in the industry

The real estate industry has a complex structure, and there are many cases in which startups cannot get in touch with suitable employees when approaching major real estate companies. Major real estate companies serve as partners in this program, so key figures at these companies facilitate introductions with employees in suitable departments. Startups with no connections do not have to struggle to set up meetings because they can immediately access the employees they need to speak with.


② Multifaceted, speedy product verification

When startups carry out proofs of concept with major companies, the preparatory period is usually around six months to one year. However, in this program the time span is just three months from planning to implementation. And because startups can use the assets of partner companies, they can verify their products in environments that more closely resemble actual implementation. Moreover, startups can simultaneously carry out proofs of concept with multiple major real estate companies in the same time period, and can expect to receive wide-ranging, high-quality feedback.


③ Supports smooth collaboration with major companies

Co-creation between startups and major companies is often hindered by challenges such as different corporate cultures, communication errors, and insufficient resources. This program provides aid for actual proof of concept expenses* and support from Digital Garage to resolve these problems and carry out proofs of concept in a short time period. Participants may also have more opportunities to receive financial assistance after the program ends.**

*Support varies depending on the proof of concept.

** This is not a definite guarantee.


A consortium of industry-leading partner companies

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