Cloudy Day Challenge

The Undergraduate Economics Council, the Management and Economics Student Association and Amazon Web Services

AWS Educate 

AWS Educate is a free service that all UofT students can access to actually build the solution they are proposing in their submission! You must make an AWS Educate account in order to participate in this challenge.

What you need

1. Your UofT email (please note, you can only register with your UofT email, not your personal email. This is how we confirm whether you are a UofT student)

2. Your resume

What you will get (features and benefits)


AWS Certification job portal


AWS Cloud Career Pathways (Certificates you can use on your resume and Linkedin)


Access to the AWS Module, with $30 worth of AWS Credits to build your idea


Direct access to recruiters from AWS its clients

How to Register for AWS Educate

Please follow this guide as to how you can make your account and start building your prototype!

AWS Tools

AWS has more than 175+ tools to help your team develop a tool to solve the issue you presented. If we were to make a comprehensive, all-encompassing list of all the tools you can use, this guide would be over 100 pages long! So we encourage you to do the following:
1. Check out these links!
2. Create your AWS Educate account
Create an AWS account under the “Career Pathways” section, get a certification in the pathway that your team thinks is most relevant to the solution you are trying to make. If you do not know how to make your AWS Educate account, please refer to the “How to sign up for AWS Educate”