Cloudy Day Challenge

The Undergraduate Economics Council, the Management and Economics Student Association and Amazon Web Services

How the judging will take place

There will be three phases to the judging process due to the high number of teams
1 From February 28th - March 6th, the AWS team will begin judging submissions using the criteria as outlined in the “What we are asking from your team section”, will be sent to a preliminary round of AWS engineers and consultants to deem whether the idea has the proper business/technical information to be shortlisted. Only 10 ideas will be shortlisted.
All the shortlisted ideas will come before a final committee and 5 ideas will be chosen to move to the final round. The top 5 teams will be contacted by March 7th to expand on their submission for the final pitch
3 The closing ceremony is where the top 5 ideas get to pitch their ideas in front of the entire AWS team. The top three teams will be determined by a panel of AWS executives and VIP’s. The closing ceremony will take place between March 7th and March 31st. Please follow us on Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook (@cloudydayuoft) to get tickets and to hear when the closing ceremony is.