Cloudy Day Challenge

The Undergraduate Economics Council, the Management and Economics Student Association and Amazon Web Services


We will be accepting submissions from January 15th - February 28th 2020. Your entire team of 3-5 should make your accounts on Agorize and begin brainstorming your solution to the challenge as soon as possible. We will be accepting solutions on a rolling basis and will be grading them as they come.
During this time period, we will be planning a series of events on all three campuses to answer your questions and to give your team the chance to meet the AWS team! After February 28th at 11:59 pm, we will not be accepting any more submissions and we will be contacting the top 5 teams to prepare for the final pitch by March 7rd at the latest!

The prizes will be awarded at the closing ceremony of the case competition and the top 3 teams will be guaranteed a cash prize, with the top team winning mentorship from AWS!


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  $1000, AWS Credits to build your idea, AWS Swag, and mentorship from the AWS team!



$500 cash, AWS credits to build your idea, AWS Swag



$250 cash, AWS credits to build your idea, AWS Swag

*Please note: the focus of this case competition is not to give money and prizes away to students, but rather to help bring to life the ideas of students! All of the ideas that are submitted will have a chance to receive mentorship, if not from AWS, then from a mentor working in the industry (please see the part of the guide labeled Mentorship). For the closing ceremony where the top teams will be announced, anyone is allowed to attend and we will be inviting everyone who agreed to be a mentor to the pitch, along with leaders in the technology, business, and finance world. We are doing this, so all students can get a chance to network with the people and companies that have the resources to help bring YOUR idea to life!

The closing ceremony

The closing ceremony of the case competition is going to be an exclusive, invite-only pitch competition where the top 5 teams will get a chance to pitch their ideas to a panel of AWS Executives and influencers in the startup community!

Only 5 teams will be able to attend the pitch at Amazon Canada’s office (YYZ-16). We will announce who the judges will be and the exact date of the closing ceremony on our social media handles (@cloudydayuoft).