Do you have a talent for trendsetting?

Kombucha, kimchi, antioxidant infusions—help us discover the next big food and beverage movement, and get a chance to win a high-end tech gadget—or even an offer for an exciting position at PepsiCo.



Be a trendsetter

It takes two things to be a trendsetter. First, you need the ability to analyse data, spot emerging patterns, and use them to tell a compelling story. Second, you need the creativity and entrepreneurial streak to turn your insights into business strategy.

If you decide to go Digital, you’ll need to show you understand evolving digital marketplaces and different channels within your launch strategy.

If you go the Insights route, you’ll need to clearly articulate the trend and its implications for PepsiCo in a compelling way—and show how that leads to your big idea.

The challenge

Imagine PepsiCo has given you $100,000 to tap into the next big food and beverage trend. What would you focus on, how you would you harness that trend, and how would you take your idea to market?

That trend might be a new product or flavour—but it could also be something broader, like eco-friendly sourcing, the slow food movement or sustainable packaging.

Your assignment

1. Send a PowerPoint presentation of 2-5 slides (Maximum 10 slides) to share your ideas on the above questions with us. 

2. (Optional) Send us a one-minute video pitch to introduce yourself and let us know why you’d like to participate in this challenge.



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