LEGO® BRICKthrough Challenge

Bring your most innovative ideas to imagine the future of LEGO® in Hong Kong! #LEGOBRICKthrough2019 #LEGOHK

This challenge is only open to students residing in Hong Kong

Background Information


Based on the information provided in the resources tab and on your own research, come up with a 3-year business strategy targeting the “0-14 years old girls” in Hong Kong.


Current toy market in Hong Kong

Studies recently show that the world toy consumption forecast will reach over US$260 billion in 2022, with the Asia-Pacific region leading annual growth in demand. Studies also show China, with its massive emerging middle class, will overtake the US to be the No. 1 consumer next year. (Link to article FYI)

Even though smart toys are becoming more and more popular these days, traditional toys still remain a hit among children and parents, who consider them important tools for child development.

In this great growth context, LEGO® is looking to expand further its presence in Hong Kong targeting mainly girls aged between 0-14 years old and their parents! LEGO’s main objective is to become a more female-friendly brand, because: “not only boys get to play with LEGO!”.


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