LEGO® BRICKthrough Challenge

Bring your most innovative ideas to imagine the future of LEGO® in Hong Kong! #LEGOBRICKthrough2019 #LEGOHK

This challenge is only open to students residing in Hong Kong

Grading Criteria


Your project will be reviewed by our jury of experts at the end of the Application Phase based on the following criteria. Make sure you prepare your proposal accordingly.


How unique is the proposed strategy?

Does the solution offer a complete answer to the local problem?


Is the Local problem identified?

How tailored is the strategy for the Hong Kong Market?


Is the strategy durable & long-term focused?

Is the idea financially viable?

Quality of deliverables

Are all steps of the reflexion explained and justified?

Is the presentation visually appealing?

Frequently Asked Questions


For the application phase, the only deliverable needed is a 5-slide (PDF format) presentation summarizing your innovative concept.
Create a team of 3 and access your team’s space. You are able to upload your document there. Also, you can upload multiple versions of this document (either replace or add) until the end of the application period (April 28th, 2019).
  • Winning Team (worth ~HKD 25,000/pax)
    • An all-inclusive trip to Denmark
    • A visit to LEGO Idea House
    • Tickets and nights stay at LEGOLAND Billund
    • LEGO boxsets
    • Winning trophy made of LEGO

  • First runner up (worth ~HKD 17,000/pax)
    • Entry Ticket and a night stay at LEGOLAND Nagoya
    • LEGO boxsets
    • Winning trophy made of LEGO 

  • Second runner up (worth ~HKD 10,000/pax)
    • LEGO boxsets
    • Winning trophy made of LEGO
  • Best Presenter (worth ~HKD 10,000/pax)
    • LEGO boxsets
    • Winning trophy made of LEGO

  • 1st-8th: Potential internship opportunities at LEGO 
    (High-performance participants only) 

  • 4-8th: Finalist Award
    • LEGO boxsets.
This challenge is open to full-time students and post-graduates Students residing and studying in Hong Kong. Overseas students studying and residing in Hong Kong for a long term period can also participate in! Only projects from students studying, residing outside of Hong Kong or students residing for a short period of time will not be reviewed.