LEGO® BRICKthrough Challenge

Bring your most innovative ideas to imagine the future of LEGO® in Hong Kong! #LEGOBRICKthrough2019 #LEGOHK




The Grand Finale of LEGO® BRICKthrough Business Case Challenge 2019 successfully concluded on Friday, June 28th at Tencent WeStart, Hong Kong. All 8 finalist teams had 10 minutes to present their ingenious ideas to market the brand and products of LEGO to 0-14 years old girls in Hong Kong!

The presentations were so good that the judges had to spend double the expected time to decide on the winning teams so BIG congratulations to all teams from their impressive performances! Here're the final results:



Congratulations to Ying Yi Xie, Yui Sze Ng, and Sze Chun Vanessa Lee of POWER for winning the grand prize of an all inclusive trip to Denmark / Visit to LEGO Idea House / Entry and stay at LEGOLAND Billund / LEGO boxsets / 1st place trophy made of LEGO!




Congratulations to Sin Tung Chiu, Hiu Ching Daphne Cheung, Hiu Man Lau of HANaGirl for winning the 2nd prize of entry and stay at LEGOLAND Nagoya / LEGO boxsets / 2nd place trophy made of LEGO!



2ND RUNNER-UP: Little Elves Go Outrageous

Congratulations to Jack Po, Tsz Man Jasmine Chan, and Tsz Lam Ashley Lai of Little Elves Go Outrageous for winning the 3rd prize of LEGO boxsets / 3rd place trophy made of LEGO!




Congratulations to Tiffany So of LeDope for winning the Best Presenter prizes of LEGO boxsets / trophy made of LEGO!


We also had the pleasure to host an amazing jury panel of 4 that was able to evaluate the teams from all different perspectives!

  • Troy Taylor, General Manager of LEGO HK, Taiwan & Macau,
  • Kenny Sham, Head of Marketing of LEGO HK, Taiwan & Macau,
  • Alex Sawaya, Partner at McKinsey & Company
  • Joe Ng, Director of Creative & Planning at Frengers Communications