LEGO® BRICKthrough Challenge

Bring your most innovative ideas to imagine the future of LEGO® in Hong Kong! #LEGOBRICKthrough2019 #LEGOHK

This Challenge is now over, find out about the results here!

Come up with the next innovative business strategy


“Give a group of children a pile of plastic bricks and they will instinctively start building. With some experimentation, they might soon produce something recognizable”.
What if this group of children was a group of students and the pile of plastic bricks was a pile of bright business ideas?
Are you a dreamer? LEGO® invites Students and Fresh graduates residing in Hong Kong to take part in the BRICKthrough Challenge!
This is your chance to shine and redefine LEGO®’s business strategy in Hong Kong! How to make LEGO more appealing to girls?

Finalists will have the chance to pitch in front of LEGO’s Executives. Do you think you have what it takes?

Your Mission... Should you accept it!


Original business plans will be most valued. However, please keep in mind that it is mandatory that your idea targets only the Hong Kong girls market.


Before joining in, please make sure that your match the following requirements:
1. Hong Kong students and post-graduates only! 
This challenge is open to full-time students and post-graduates Students residing and studying in Hong Kong. Overseas students studying and residing in Hong Kong for a long term period can also participate in!
Only projects from students studying, residing outside of Hong Kong or students residing for a short period of time will not be reviewed. 
2. Team Size: 3 Members only!
We strongly believe that 3 is the perfect number to form a team in terms of balance and complementarity skills so please make sure you have enough members to complete your team. Feel free to invite your friends or look for new friends on the "Team" tab.

Timeline of the challenge



  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 1-8


(worth ~HKD 25,000/pax)

  • All inclusive trip to Denmark
  • A visit to LEGO Idea House
  • Entry ticket and nights stay to LEGOLAND Billund (Winners will have to produce a Vlog video for social media)
  • LEGO boxsets
  • Winning trophy made of LEGO


(worth ~HKD 17,000/pax)

  • Entry ticket and a night stay at LEGOLAND Nagoya
  • LEGO boxsets
  • Winning trophy made of LEGO


(worth ~HKD10,000/pax)

  • LEGO boxsets
  • Winning trophy made of LEGO


Potential internship opportunities at LEGO
(High-performance participants only)

  Best Presenter

(worth HKD 10,000/pax)

  • LEGO boxsets
  • Winning trophy made of LEGO